Operating at the forefront of the world's climate change and biodiversity challenges

C4 EcoSolutions provides innovative solutions for adapting to climate change and conserving biodiversity



To catalyse large-scale changes in land use globally that benefit human societies as well as biodiversity.

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Managing climate change is arguably the most complex problem facing humankind this century. C4 implements innovative solutions for adapting to climate change and reducing concentrations of greenhouse gases.


C4 specialises in developing innovative strategies that conserve biodiversity yet maintain the productivity of agricultural landscapes for local communities.


C4 develops implementation protocols and funding mechanisms for restoration of degraded forests, woodlands, savannas, thickets, deserts, mangroves, and wetlands across Africa, Asia and the Pacific.


Adaptation to climate change, conservation of biodiversity and restoration of ecosystems all require intensive adaptive management informed by rigorous scientific research.


Climate, Conservation, Communities, and Carbon are the four Cs in our company name.

Since 2006, the C4 team has worked in 77 countries across Asia, Central America, Africa and the Caribbean.

Our clients include the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), private firms such as CarbonPlus Capital, and national governments.

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We undertake our work with a great sense of responsibility to the communities receiving funding, the biodiversity being conserved, and the global taxpayers and/or private investors funding the interventions. Our philosophy within the office is consequently to always go the extra mile to provide excellent service to our clients. This includes ensuring that:

  • The strategies we develop are innovative and evidence-based.
  • The interventions we propose are presented in a detailed manner and are technically feasible.
  • The data and analyses we provide are scientifically rigorous.
  • Our interactions with stakeholders, whether by email or in meetings, is undertaken with the utmost courtesy and diplomacy.
  • Deadlines are met.
  • Our writing is impeccable.
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  • Designing projects on climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation for government and private sector clients
  • Providing technical advice during the implementation of the projects and investments
  • Monitoring and evaluating projects and interventions
  • Undertaking environmental and economic feasibility studies for commercial or public investments in natural resources
  • Developing evidence-bases for decision-makers managing natural resources
  • Publishing scientific papers in the peer-reviewed literature
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