A large percentage of the world’s biodiversity is threatened as a result of deforestation, overstocking with livestock, urban sprawl and expansion of agriculture.

C4 specialises in developing innovative strategies that conserve biodiversity yet maintain the productivity of agricultural landscapes for local communities. The solutions will vary depending on the local social context and the particular ecosystem.


•   Certain environments require complete protection.
•   Detailed land use plans should be developed with local communities.
•   Appropriate governance structures and financing mechanisms for implementing the land use plans should be developed.
•   Agricultural practices should be intensified.
•   Degraded ecosystems should be restored to maximise the supply of ecosystem goods and services to local communities.

“ C4 EcoSolutions is currently designing two biodiversity projects in Afghanistan for the UNDP and FAO. Both projects focus on conservation and restoration of critical ecosystems to support populations of endangered species such as Himalayan black bear, markhor, snow leopard, Marco Polo sheep and urial. ”

Pieter BothaBSc Biodiversity & Ecology (Cum Laude), BSC (Honours) Botany, MSc Botany (Cum Laude)