Mauritania Ongoing since 2012 UNEP

Enhancing capacity knowledge and technology support to build climate resilience of vulnerable developing countries

C4ES developed a project identification form and project document for this GEF/SCCF-funded project as well as conducted baseline studies for the project in Mauritania, Nepal, and Seychelles. The project will build climate resilience using Ecosystems-based Adaptation (EbA) in Least Developed Countries and Small Island Developing States of the Asia-Pacific region and Africa. It will achieve this by increasing institutional capacity, mobilising knowledge, and transferring appropriate technologies on climate change adaptation to Mauritania, Nepal and Seychelles. Best-practice EbA technologies will be transferred from China to the pilot countries and as such this represents China's first major adaptation project. C4ES provides ongoing technical advice as chief technical advisor to this project. Tasks completed by C4ES in this regard have included: i) facilitating the project launch workshop; ii) developing work plans for each pilot country; ii) coordinating EbA and Regional Network workshops; and iv) developing terms of reference for project consultants.