South Africa 2009 UNDP

Carbon stocks under different land-uses in Agulhas Plain Fynbos, Nuwejaars Special Management Area and Flower Valley Trust

C4ES conducted scientific research to assess the financial viability of using carbon finance to restore eroded peatlands and rehabilitate agricultural fields. Options assessed included using wood from alien invasive trees as mulch, compost and biochar. C4ES also quantified the ecosystem carbon stocks in fynbos, vineyards, pastures and invasive alien tree stands in the Agulhas Plain. This study determined the carbon sequestration benefits of conserving the indigenous vegetation (fynbos) compared with other land-uses. A scientific paper entitled “Carbon stocks in fynbos, pastures and vineyards on the Agulhas Plain, South Africa: a preliminary assessment” was published in the South African Journal of Plant and Soil.