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Two C4-developed projects approved for GCF funding at B28

Mar 29, 2021 | Blog, News

C4 EcoSolutions

C4 is celebrating the approval of two projects we were involved in developing — one in Liberia and one in Botswana — for GCF funding at the recent B28 meeting. A summary of each project is presented below.

1. Ecosystem-Based Adaptation and Mitigation in Botswana’s Communal Rangelands

C4 led the development of technical feasibility studies and provided additional guidance and support on the development of the Funding Proposal for this GCF-funded project. The objective of the project is to reduce the vulnerability of communal livestock farmers by restoring rangelands, enabling and monitoring climate-resilient livestock farming, and promoting sustainable value chains. Botswana’s rangelands are extremely vulnerable to climate change — particularly increased drought frequency, higher temperatures and reduced precipitation — with a projected reduction in forage quality and quantity in these already degraded ecosystems. These impacts will be most strongly felt by Botswana’s vulnerable rural population who are dependent on communal rangelands for livestock farming.

2. Monrovia Metropolitan Climate Resilience Project

C4 led the development of the Funding Proposal package for The Monrovia Metropolitan Climate Resilience Project, which aims to reduce the vulnerability of Liberia’s capital city to the coastal impacts of climate change. The GCF-funded project will build coastal resilience by improving long-term Integrated Coastal Zone Management, constructing coastal protection infrastructure to prevent coastal erosion in one of Monrovia’s most vulnerable communities, and supporting sustainable livelihoods to reduce pressure on mangrove ecosystems.

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