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C4 broadens expertise with new appointments

Feb 11, 2021 | Community

C4 EcoSolutions

C4 Team Feb 2021
C4 EcoSolutions would like to welcome our latest team members: two interns Tinovonga Chimuka and Shweta Sunkur, and an HR manager, Robyn Erasmus. Herewith some more information about them:


C4 EcoSolutions TinoIn relation to the 4 Cs, I am passionate about communities. My ideal focus is on improving the livelihoods of women living in vulnerable communities specifically. Through being at C4, I think I can contribute to addressing the climate crisis through my background in environmental studies, gender studies and environmental law. Having a holistic background will assist with educating individuals on the different ways people experience the climate crisis in relation to their contexts and surroundings.


I’m passionate about the complex climate and changes taking place at different levels in the atmosphere. I’m particularly interested in how the changing climate impacts different countries around the world, and how these countries are acting to mitigate the varying impacts. Decreasing carbon emissions through renewable energy is another aspect of C4 that aligns with my passion, and I am eager to further explore this topic.

My academic background in atmospheric science has cultivated an interest in specialised climate analysis techniques and interpretation that allows for a deeper understanding of the complex issue of climate change and the risks associated with its variability around the globe. I can use my skills and passion for analysing past, current and future climate scenarios to address the climate crisis. My skills in data handling and analysis, coupled with the understanding of the complex earth systems allow me to interpret climate projections related to, for example, precipitation and how this will have an impact on rainfed agricultural sectors. This knowledge can inform vulnerabilities and highlight future risks for communities. The climate crisis is multifaceted and the enormity of it can be become overwhelming, but when those who share a passion for the field come together, great things can be achieved.


In summary, my general focus at C4 is employee effectiveness and wellbeing.

Regarding the 4 Cs – this is my first experience of working in an environmental consultancy, my previous work experience has been of a more corporate nature. Personally, I identify most with the “Conservation” C. I have two children and being a parent has made me much more aware of the importance of conservation for the future that they will inhabit. In my role at C4 I won’t be working directly on climate projects, but by recruiting, retaining and supporting the best people resources for the company, I hope to play my part in enabling C4 to excel at what they do.

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