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The C4 Ethos

We undertake our work with a great sense of responsibility to the communities receiving funding, the biodiversity being conserved, and the global taxpayers and/or private investors funding the interventions. Our philosophy is to always go the extra mile to provide excellent service to our clients.

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Anthony Mills


PhD Soil Science
MPhil Environment and Development
MSc Environmental Geochemistry
BSc Zoology

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Anthony is the founder and CEO of C4EcoSolutions and AfriCarbon. The focus of his career has been to catalyse investments in ecosystem restoration and regenerative agriculture within the public and private sectors so hundreds of millions of hectares can be restored. He has worked on GCF and GEF projects and designed the strategy on the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. He is working with a wide range of private sector investors to realise the vision of restoring one million hectares of degraded thicket landscapes in the Eastern Cape, South Africa (www.mdpi.com/199-4907/611/4238). Anthony is also an Extraordinary Professor in the Department of Soil Science, Stellenbosch University where he undertakes primary research on soil chemistry and ecology.

Barbara Ikin

General Manager

MBA specialising in Executive Leadership
BA Applied Psychology

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Barbara Ikin is a leadership consultant who specialises in Conscious Leadership. She has over 17 years management experience in diverse settings, including healthcare, banking, the non-profit sector, and hygiene and sanitation, as well as international experience. Her role at C4 is to support the leadership team in developing the right skills and processes for managing in uncertainty and complexity. She works closely with the team to develop relationship intelligence in teams, building resilience and emotional intelligence, and ensuring the organisation is on track to being a leader in the industry, in terms of employee well-being and engagement, as well as one of excellence and innovation.

Wendy Stone

Project Coordinator

PhD Environmental and Applied Science Management
MSc and BSc (Honours) Applied Microbiology
BSc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

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Countries: Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Canada, South Africa
Wendy has 10 years of experience in coordinating multi-national projects, focusing on the intersection between environmental issues and community development. Her roles have spanned project coordination and administration, laboratory-based research and stakeholder engagement, remote in-field technology installation and data gathering, as well as education and team development. She has enjoyed working in fields as diverse as law and engineering, with a particular interest in soil science and macro- and micro-ecology. The intersection between human relationships and scientific rigour has been her core focus. She has a keen interest in building sincere, long-term multi-sectorial collaborations as a key response to the increasing instability in the wake of climate fluctuations.

Project Leadership

Robbert Duker

Chief Operations Officer

PhD Plant Environmental Physiology
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Robbert joined the C4 team in 2021 as a spekboom project analyst and now leads our implementation arm. He has a background in spekboom ecophysiology and ecology, having studied this in detail from honors through to PhD. During his time at C4, he has coupled his academic background with his experience in commercial-scale horticulture to implement the Kuzuko Thicket Restoration Project; a massive project with a diverse team of over 350 people, who planted over 30 million spekboom in a big five game reserve. Robbert and the implementation wing are now in the preparatory phases of the Spekboom Thicket Restoration Project, which aims to restore more than 100,000 hectares of degraded thicket landscapes across the Eastern Cape. He and the implementation arm are also starting to apply their lessons from the Kuzuko project in other restoration projects around the world, with the vision of pushing back degraded lands and deserts across the globe.

Jaun van Loggerenberg

Lead Scientist: Climate and Carbon

PhD Environmental Sciences (ongoing)
MSc Environmental Sciences
BSc (Honours) Environmental Sciences
BArtEtScientia Town and Regional Planning

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Jaun joined our team in 2022 and works as a remote sensing specialist. For his MSc, he investigated the spatial and temporal variability of rainfall in South Africa. He is pursuing a PhD in Environmental Sciences which focuses on using remote sensing to characterise maize crops in South Africa. He has over 8 years experience in using GIS and remote sensing in numerous conservation, climate, agriculture and ecosystem projects. Prior to joining C4, he worked on developing bespoke remote sensing solutions for farmers in South Africa to monitor crops, implementing climate change adaptation programs in Sahel, West Africa and developing GIS solutions for complex environmental challenges.

Kelly Vlieghe

Senior Consultant: Climate and Environment

PhD Ecological Zoology
BSc (Honours) Zoology
BSc Zoology and Environmental and Geographical Sciences, including climatology

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Countries: Philippines, Jordan, Mauritania, Antigua and Barbuda, Vietnam, Botswana, Rwanda, Tanzania, Vanuatu, Mauritius, Liberia, Namibia, Tuvalu
Skills: technical writing for GCF and GEF projects; project leadership; project logical frameworks; Theory of Change development; project indicators; monitoring and evaluation and climate impact analysis.

Kelly is experienced in scientific, in-field data collection and analysis as well as writing reports and scientific papers. She has extensive experience in developing and/or leading project development teams for climate change adaptation project proposals, concept notes, funding proposals and PPGs. She has led many in-country missions and assisted with strategic action plans for food and drought management and food security.

Reinhardt Hauptfleisch

Senior Consultant: Climate and Carbon

MSc Geography and Environmental Management
BSc (Honours) Environmental and Biological Sciences
BSc Environmental and Biological Sciences

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Countries: South Africa, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Togo, Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda, Eswatini, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania
Skills: agricultural and precision farming; geospatial assessment of agriculture value chains; micro and mesoscale meteorology; climatology, database design; development and management.

Reinhardt is an environmental specialist who addresses climate and environmental challenges through a multidisciplinary approach encompassing carbon sequestration projects, climate adaptation strategies, and geospatial analysis. He employs recognised methodologies from standards such as Verra, VCS, CDM and GS to design and implement carbon projects in agriculture, forestry and land use.

Keith Steunenberg

Principal Consultant

BSc (Honours) Botany
BSc Botany and Environmental Science

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Skills: data management; scientific methodology; people management and logistical coordination
Keith’s experience is in the environmental and conservation sector. Initially he worked on a project that investigated the impact of rangeland and game farming on animal conservation. His involvement in the ecosystem restoration project was primarily centred around innovation and scientific experimentation. As the project has grown, his responsibilities increased to focus on managing teams of workers and supervisors to execute the company’s vision.


Ella Hall

Consultant: Climate and Environment

Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Development
BA Development and Environment

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Countries: Cameroon, Comores, Djibouti, Eswatini, Liberia, Seychelles, South Sudan, Tanzania, Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, DRC, Haiti, Saint Lucia, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Georgia, Syria
Skills: technical project development from conception to approval by major climate funds; institutional and financial landscape analysis as well as value-chain analysis for climate resilient livelihoods.

Ella has contributed to and led the development of a broad range of climate change adaptation projects for submission to leading climate funds. She has extensive experience with the GCF Readiness.

Nicole Martin

Consultant: Climate and Environment

PhD Zoology, specialising in climate change and invasion biology
BSc (Honours) Biodiversity and Ecology, specialising in invasion biology
BSc Biodiversity and Ecology

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Countries: Somalia, Rwanda, Djibouti, Tanzania, Lebanon
Skills: research and analytic skills; project development and management; climate change adaptation and nature-based solutions; biological invasions and conservation.

Nicole has transitioned from academia to the practical field of climate change adaptation. Her extensive background in ecology, invasion biology and conservation biology was gained as an assistant lecturer and researcher. She is part of the team leading and developing Funding Proposals, Feasibility Studies and Monitoring Evaluation Plans.

Tinovonga Chimuka

Consultant: Climate and Gender

LLM Environmental Law
BSocSci (Honours) Environmental and Geographical Studies
BA Environmental and Geographical Science and Gender Studies

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Countries: Nepal, The Gambia, Vanuatu, Somalia, Cameroon, Antigua and Barbuda, South Sudan, Syria, Djibouti, Malawi, Tuvalu, Timor-Leste, Oman, The Maldives
Skills: gender mainstreaming; strategic planning; project management; climate action planning; sustainable development; budget management; stakeholder engagement.

Tinovonga has three years of experience designing and managing several climate change adaptation projects in multiple countries, having joined C4 in 2021. During her honours thesis, she drew on a gender lens to assess the livelihoods of Zimbabwean female migrants living in Cape Town, South Africa. Tino is particularly interested in the relationship between climate change impacts and genders — specifically how a gendered response can improve the implementation of climate change adaptation projects.

Katherine Brodie

Consultant: Climate and Environment

BSocSci (Honours) Environmental and Geographical Science
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Countries: Tuvalu, Nepal, Eswatini, Namibia, South Africa
Skills: research and analysis of diverse contexts; report writing and documentation; legal and regulatory framework development; geographical and demographic analysis.

Katherine has contributed to multiple climate adaptation projects including a GEF-approved project on ecosystem-based adaptation to enhance livelihoods in Tuvalu. She has also been part of the team assessing the potential for generating carbon credits through various ecosystem restoration activities in South Africa and selecting the most appropriate Verra methodology.

Louise Brown

Consultant: Climate and Environment

MPhil Environmental Management
Postgraduate Diploma Environmental Management

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Countries: Bahamas, Barbados, Democratic Republic of Congo, Saint Lucia, Eswatini, Djibouti, Kenya, Tuvalu
Skills: climate adaptation and mitigation project development for GEF and GCF; analytical thinking; research; leadership.

Louise has worked on a range of project proposals for climate adaptation and mitigation projects in different countries. Currently, she is leading a team to develop a Country Implementation Plan for Eswatini which will be incorporated into a SADC Feasibility Study.

Shweta Sunkur

Consultant: Climate and Environment

BSc (Honours) Atmospheric Science
BSc Applied Statistics and Environmental and Geographical Science

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Countries: Barbados, Belize, Botswana, Cambodia, Djibouti, Eswatini, Guyana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritania, Mongolia, Nepal, Saint Lucia, Suriname, Timor-Leste, Togo, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Skills: climate finance; data visualisation; sustainable finance; project coordination; project development.

Shweta has experience in developing climate change adaptation projects for GCF and GEF. Her focus has been on enhancing climate resilience through projects in low-carbon agriculture, integrated water resource management, and ecosystem-based adaptation. She has contributed to the development of Concept Notes, Funding Proposals and Feasibility Studies.

Emily McConville

Consultant: Climate and Environment

MPhil Disaster Risk Science and Development
BA (Honours) Geography and Environmental Studies

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Countries: Somalia, Djibouti, Mauritania, Philippines
Skills: disaster risk reduction; management; hazard risk assessments; nature-based solutions; systems thinking and social-ecological systems; research-based analysis; critical thinking and analytical skills.

Emily has been involved in the development of innovative climate change adaptation and mitigation projects. She has also been involved in the development of a Climate Information Services (CIS) study for GIZ. She has recently expanded her role to reviewing and editing documents to enhance quality of deliverables.

Jessica Stephens

Consultant: Climate and Environment

BSc (Honours) Biodiversity and Ecology
BSc Biodiversity and Ecology

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Countries: Timor-Leste, Mauritania, Namibia, Rwanda, Bahamas, Saint Lucia, Dominican Republic, Barbados, The Gambia
Skills: project management; stakeholder engagement; research and writing; Theory of Change development; development of climate rationale; budgeting; planning and attending in-country missions; restoration ecology; design of on-granting mechanisms.

Jessica joined the company in 2022 and has since helped develop several climate change adaptation projects for international clients (UNEP, UNDP and UNESCO) and funds (GEF and GCF). Most recently, Jessica was the lead consultant for a GCF Funding Proposal in Mauritania and currently leads the development of a GCF Concept Note for The Gambia.

Jordan Siebert

Consultant: Climate and Environment

MSc Environmental Ecology
BSc Environmental Science

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Countries: SADC region, Eswatini, Namibia, Mongollia
Skills: GIS and remote sensing; report writing; data management.

Jordan has been actively involved in four distinct climate adaptation projects contributing to baseline research and engaging in more specialised technical tasks. Her experience extends to working on ecosystem restoration initiatives, with a focus on nature-based solutions and disaster risk preparedness.

Johan Coetzer

Data Scientist

MSc Sustainable Development
BSc Environmental Management

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Countries: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Rwanda, Kenya, Somalia, Pakistan, Uganda, Indonesia
Skills: GIS and remote sensing; urban political ecology insight; biographic knowledge; environmental policy and legislation understanding; permaculture advancement; geospatial analysis.

Johan worked as an Environmental Officer for an integrated oil and gas producer in South Africa. He has lectured at the University of Limpopo in Geography and Environmental Sciences. He is currently a data scientist with C4 where he merges his environmental background with innovative, data-driven solutions.

Gerhard Olivier

Remote Sensing Scientist

MSc Geography (ongoing)
BSc (Honours) Geography
BA Environmental Management

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Countries: Mauritania, Zimbabwe
Skills: carbon project knowledge; environmental science; precision agriculture; remote sensing; Google Earth Engine; R; geospatial assessment (GIS); species distribution modelling
Gerhard has led a carbon feasibility study in Zimbabwe focused on improved agricultural land management and forest conservation. Prior to this, he worked on projects in South Africa where he developed tools to analyse crop health using satellite images and created an online portal for farmers to monitor their crops remotely.

Matthew Collins

Analyst: Climate and Carbon

MSc Physical and Chemical Oceanography
BSc (Honours) Ocean and Atmosphere Science
BSc Ocean and Atmosphere Science and Geology

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Countries: Zimbabwe, Peru, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Kenya, China, Philippines, South Africa, Madagascar, Togo, Rwanda, India, Ghana, Mexico, Tanzania
Skills: research; scientific writing; QGIS; extensive carbon standard methodology knowledge; remote sensing software; carbon modelling software

Matthew has practical field experience collecting data and using scientific equipment, which has given him good context for much of the data we use day-to-day. Out of the field, he has experience with collecting and using remote sensing data, conducting research for desktop reviews and writing reports. Other points, such as carbon standard knowledge, help to add more details and context for practical solutions and targeted methodologies.

Daniël Düring

Consultant: Climate and Carbon

LLM Environmental Law and Governance
LLB; BComm Economics and Law
BSc Geology and Geography

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Countries: Botswana, Brazil, Colombia, Eritrea, Eswatini, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritania, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Skills: environmental law; legal registers; opinions and compliance auditing; environmental management systems development and auditing; GIS analyses; remote sensing; integrated assessment modelling; advanced data analysis

Daniël has 10 years of experience in the fields of environmental law, management and science. He has worked as an environmental law specialist, environmental management specialist, researcher in air quality science and meteorologist. He is involved in the development of Feasibility Studies of carbon projects. He leads the review and development of proposals and project documents on climate change adaptation and mitigation. He also assists with the design and execution of environmental analyses through GIS, remote sensing and modelling applications.

Ruben Cruywagen

Consultant: Climate and Carbon

MA Creative Writing
BSc (Honours) Zoology
BSc Zoology

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Ruben joined the C4 team in 2023 as a consultant. He holds a BSc Honours in Zoology and a Master of Arts (MA) in Creative Writing, both from the University of Pretoria. For his Honours project, he analysed the climate change-induced shift in the foraging range of southern elephant seals. His MA in Creative Writing comprised a fiction novel and a mini-dissertation, both focusing on identity crisis in South Africans. Ruben has over four years of experience working as a software developer and data scientist. He is proficient in Python, SQL, JavaScript/TypeScript, R, C#, HTML and CSS. Ruben has a passion for creating software products, automating processes and extracting value out of data, especially in the field of conservation.

Anneke Lincoln Schoeman

Consultant: Climate and Carbon

PhD Environmental Sciences
BSc (Honours) Entomology
BSc Entomology

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Countries: Eritrea, Somalia, Zambia, South Africa, Philippines, Mauritius, Comores, Seychelles, Madagascar, Malawi, Timor-Leste, Togo, Mauritania, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Uganda, Tanzania
Skills: technical advice to donor-funded adaptation and mitigation projects, specialising in climate change adaptation and gender mainstreaming; project and team leadership

Anneke’s academic background encompasses environmental sciences, English, French, German and African language studies and philosophy. She has been involved in research that investigated the ecology and evolution of various animals on a planet in crisis. She has also gained recognition as a multilingual science communicator. She has lead the review and development of proposals and project documents for projects on climate change adaptation and mitigation for a wide range of clients in multiple countries. She has also done multiple Scoping and Feasibility Studies for carbon sequestration projects.

Nikki Hughes

Consultant: Climate and Carbon

PhD Chemical Engineering (ongoing)
MEng Chemical Engineering
BEng Chemical Engineering, specialising in mineral processing

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Countries: Zimbabwe, Malawi, Madagascar, Zambia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Angola, Ivory Coast, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Bangladesh, Burundi, Chad, Gambia, Guatemala, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Senegal, Thailand, Vietnam
Skills: investigative research; problem solving; statistical analysis; writing and reviewing

Nikki has worked in literature and investigative research into methods for beneficiating coal without the need for water. She has designed, commissioned and optimised three laboratory-scale apparatus. She has done multiple fraction of non-renewable biomass (fNRB) and corporate carbon footprint studies at C4.

Tauriq Jamalie

Consultant: Climate and Carbon

MSc Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
BSc (Honours) Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
BSc Biodiversity and Conservation Biology

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Countries: Angola, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Eswatini, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Laos, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Rwanda, South Africa, Thailand, Vanuatu, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Skills: remote sensing; GIS, geospatial analysis, biodiversity information management, biostatistics, data analysis

Tauriq has gained practical experience as an intern in Animal Production at the Agricultural Research Council. He has contributed to projects in C4 including climate modelling; REDD+ Feasibility Studies, Carbon Scoping Studie and restoration projects.

Chris Tonkin

Consultant: Climate and Carbon

MSc Botany
BSc Conservation Ecology

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Skills: research project development and implementation; statistical analysis (Excel, R, XLSTAT, QGIS analysis), SQL, Google Colab

Chris has contributed to the evaluation and advancement of scoping and feasibility studies for carbon credit projects, with a specific focus on Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use initiatives, encompassing REDD+ and Improved Agriculture Land Management projects. His involvement extends to ecosystem modelling activities within the SADC region.

Mari van Niekerk

Consultant: Climate and Carbon

BSc (Honours) Biodiversity and Ecology
BSc Biodiversity and Ecology

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Countries: Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Vanuatu
Skills: design and implementation of carbon credit-generating projects, research skills and experience in multi-disciplinary environmental sciences

Mari’s academic work involved developing a tissue culture protocol for Crocosmia Aurea with the aim of commercialising the antidiabetic compound Montbretin A (MbA). She has contributed to the research and development of scoping and feasibility studies for carbon credit projects, particularly in the Agriculture, Forestry and other Land Use sector, encompassing REDD+, APR, and Improved Land Management. She possesses comprehensive expertise in Verra methodologies and a nuanced understanding of relevant legislation for carbon credits, carbon ownership, land tenure, and associated intricacies of the process. Prior to joing C4, Mari has also been an Environmental Consultant at Biosylx (Pty) Ltd.

Nicola Vermonti

Consultant: Climate and Carbon

MSc Conservation and Ecology
BSc Conservation and Ecology

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Countries: Zimbabwe, South Africa
Skills: technical understanding of Verra’s REDD+ and sustainable agriculture carbon credit projects; development of Feasibility and Scoping studies; statistical analysis (Excel, R, PRIMER); QGIS analysis and mapping

Nicola’s work focuses on assessing the feasibility of carbon offset projects, particularly within the Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use sector. Her work centres on REDD+ initiatives, Sustainable Agriculture and Agroforestry.

Scientists and Researchers

Ruan van Mazijk

Research, Publishing and Training Officer

MSc Biological Sciences
BSc (Honours) Biological Sciences
BSc Ecology and Evolution and Applied Biology

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Countries: South Africa, Zambia
Skills: writing; editing; science communication; data visualisation; R; statistical analysis; botany
Ruan joined C4 EcoSolutions in early 2023 as a research and publishing intern, carrying out primary scientific research at the company, with a background in plant ecology and evolutionary biology. Ruan has published work on various aspects of the Cape flora’s biodiversity, including phylogenetics, biogeography and macroecological patterns in relation to soil characteristics. Passionate and skilled in data wrangling, visualisation and statistical analysis, Ruan contributes to ongoing research projects on savanna, grassland, and spekboom thicket soil ecology, working with the AfriCarbon team. He also develops in-house training material on a variety of topics at C4, leveraging his teaching experience as a postgraduate at UCT, and provides editorial support across projects.

Chelsee De Morny

Research and Publishing Intern

BSc Astrophysics
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Chelsee joined C4 EcoSolutions in late 2023 as a research and publishing intern. Her BSc in Astrophysics provides her with a unique background to work in this field in a support role. She has experience in programming (where she was responsible for developing mapping algorithms) and data analysis. Additionally, her time as a mathematics tutor and curriculum assistant has made her skilled in teaching and curriculum development. She is passionate about climate science, particularly renewable energy, and aims to use her theoretical knowledge in mathematics and physics to aid with innovative research in that regard. Chelsee currently develops in-house training material and does editorial work for projects and popular science content.

William Gummow

Scientist: AfriCarbon

MSc Botany
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Countries: South Africa
Skills: Data management and analysis; Carbon accounting; Project management and coordination.
William started his career as an intern for the Rhodes Restoration Research Group. He has mainly worked with Portulacaria afra research and its potential in restoration ecology. He has continued his career working in the AfriCarbon thicket restoration project. He has also gained experience in the voluntary carbon market and the requirements of Verra methodologies, modules and tools required to implement an AFOLU ARR project.

Abdul-Lateef Ismail

Scientist: AfriCarbon

MSc Botany Nelson Mandela University

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Abdul-Lateef joined the C4 team in 2023, working for the AfriCarbon Thicket restoration project. His post-graduate experience involved the vegetation ecology and classification of subtropical thicket, the biome that AfriCarbon is actively restoring. Abdul-Lateef’s role on the project focuses on the monitoring of biodiversity and the investigating intricacies of site-selection.

William Liversage

Scientist: AfriCarbon

MSc Water Resource Science

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William obtained his MSc in Water Resource Science from Rhodes University, where he analysed the vegetation use of livestock in the Transkei region of the Eastern Cape. After completing his studies, William went on to work as a research assistant at Rhodes, collaborating with SANBI to assess the population distribution of Aloe ferox in the Eastern and Western Cape provinces. He is now employed as a project coordinator for C4’s Spekboom Restoration Project, where his main responsibilities involve assisting with the management and roll-out of project implementation.

Sisipho Myoyo

Scientist: AfriCarbon

BSc (Honours) Environmental Science
BSc Environmental Science and Geography

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Countries: South Africa
Skills: environmental and social impact monitoring; ecosystem-based adaptation implementation and strategic development; Verified Carbon Standards (VCS); Climate Community Biodiversity Standards (CCB)
Sisipho was a research assistant on the UNDP’s GEF5 sustainable land management project where she played a key role in project management, strategy development, procedural implementation and project deliverable monitoring. She has led GIS spatial mapping and land management planning efforts. She is a project scientist in the AfriCarbon Restoration Project responsible for project design, planning, implementation and quality control monitoring. She contributes to the development of technical and scientific reports, as well as GIS spatial mapping and stratification on the project. She was instrumental in developing the project design document that led to VSC and CCP project validation.

Africarbon Operations and Production

Quinton Nicholson

Production Manager

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Quinton Nicholson, Joined C4 EcoSolutions as a Production Coordinator in early 2023. Quinton took on the vital role of overseeing our expansive 5-hectare nursery situated in the Sundays River Valley. Not only that, but he also adeptly manages our tented camp, which provides accommodation for our team of 250 staff members.

Jethro Strauss

Production Coordinator

Business and Data Management Experience
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Jethro is involved in compiling and analysing data for the management of the production, harvestin gand nursery components of the Spekboom Restoration Project. He is also responsible for the Payroll in the Operations division.

Adam Steed

Project Co-ordinator

MSc Conservation Ecology
BSc (Hons) Conservation Ecology and Entomology

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Adam Steed is an avid conservationist and ecologist with an MSc in Conservation Ecology and Entomology from Stellenbosch University. During his Honour’s year, Adam assessed the response of arthropod communities to plant community rehabilitation after strip mining in the semi-arid west coast of South Africa. His research on this topic has since been published in the African Journal of Range and Forage Science. Upon progressing to his Master’s, Adam shifted his attention to focus on the effect of farmland abandonment on dung beetle diversity and function in the Nama-Karoo. His thesis has subsequently been published in the Journal of Arid Environments.

After graduating, Adam worked as an assistant at Cape Nature, documenting plant species within the Tokai Forest and supporting programme leaders. He then went on to take on the role of assistant manager at Umlani Bushcamp, located within the Timbavati Nature Reserve in Limpopo. Adam was employed at C4 EcoSolutions in September 2022 as a Project Facilitator for the company’s Spekboom Restoration Project in the Eastern Cape and has been promoted to Project coordinator. His primary responsibilities include implementing the Spekboom project activities under the direction of the COO and project manager. In addition, Adam provides technical support and coordinates operations on the ground and proactively identifies opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the project implementation. Adam is passionate about conservation and restoration and enjoys spending time in nature.

Donovan Coetzer

Transport Manager

NDip Transportation Management

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Donovan joined the C4 team as Resource Manager. The Africarbon Fleet and Assets form part of his profile. He completed a National Diploma in Transportation Management in 2004 from Rand Afrikaans University in Johannesburg. Donovan has worked for Swissport International, Imperial Logistics, Value Logistics, Biddulphs, Barloworld Transport and Montego Pet Nutrition. Donovan is a professional, disciplined manager with his key focus on cost reduction. 

Jade Harris

Science and Environmental Monitor

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Jade is part of the C4 AfriCarbon scientific team, with 3 years of experience as an Environmental Monitor in game reserves. Jade graduated from her Masters degree in Nature Conservation in 2023, her thesis titled “The effects of pulse-driven resource availability on mammalian communities in the Kalahari, South Africa”. Jade’s research has identified changes in the Kalahari landscape during below and above-average rainfall years and how this affected the mammal communities in the area. The research provided insight as to how the unpredictable landscape may be affected with the increased threat of climate change, and how large antelope would be the first to be affected.

Jake Hill

Science and Environmental Monitor

Diploma Game Ranch Management
Advanced Diploma in Wildlife Management

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Jake has accumulated substantial experience in wildlife management and park operations through his work at National Parks within Southern Africa. Possessing a distinct passion for operations and management, he is particularly drawn to collaborating with individuals from local communities. Jake’s interest in plant phenology and ecology is a driving force behind his involvement in this project and with C4 EcoSolutions.

Luvuyo Mabongo

Project Facilitator

MSc Crop Science

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Luvuyo joined the C4 EcoSolutions team in 2023 and works as a Project Facilitator. He holds a MSc in Crop Science from the North-West University where he investigated the winery wastewater irrigation effects on soil enzyme activities and soil chemical parameters in three simulated irrigation seasons. Luvuyo has over 4 years of experience in farming, irrigation and soil & crop projects. Prior to joining C4, he worked on winery wastewater irrigation for grapes and orchards, implementing sound agronomic practices in a grain farm. Luvuyo is passionate about the agriculture, conservation and ecology. He is particularly interested in applying agricultural technologies and practices that are climate smart and friendly.

Migcobo (Mira) Peter

Junior Scientist

BSc Conservation Ecology, Stellenbosch University

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During her studies, Migcobo completed an honours project focused on identifying pollution mitigation plants likely to assist in pollution abatement in South African river systems. This research has given her valuable insights into practical solutions for environmental challenges in C4, Migcobo contributes to projects aimed at mitigating climate change and promoting sustainable development.

Tara de Jongh

Junior Scientist

MSc Environmental Geochemistry
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Tara has conducted research on measuring trace aluminium in seawater expeditions to the Southern Ocean, contributing to the trace metal field. Tara holds an undergraduate degree in geology and is passionate about understanding how the atmosphere, ocean, and land interact and influence the global climate. Tara has experience in using various analytical techniques such as flow injection analysis and fluorescence, while also possessing skills in GIS, data analysis, and data visualisation.

Claire Mundell


BSc degree Plant and Soil Science

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Claire holds a BSc degree in Plant and Soil Science from the University of Stellenbosch, majoring in Horticulture and Entomology. With a background in auditing and agriculture, Claire brings attention to detail and a fresh innovative approach to the Spekboom planting operation. Her final year project was on measuring absorbance as an indicator of maturity in dark skinned avocado cultivars which was published in the Journal for Subtropical Crops.


Debbie Buckley

Administrative Office Manager

N3 Certification Commerce
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Debbie joined C4 in 2014. She has performed various functions as C4 has grown and is currently the Administrative Office Manager. She is versatile, reliable and efficient and has extensive experience in supporting managers and executives in a fast-paced environment.

Chantel Loubser

Administrative Manager

Diploma Project Management, Business Administration & Leadership
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Chantel joined our team in 2022. She has more than 20 years of experience managing the operations and project divisions at different companies. This included engaging professional stakeholders on large projects such as a 400-unit residential development and most recently a 10ha light industrial development.

Tara Gallie

Administrative Officer: AfriCarbon

National Diploma Environmental Management
BTech Environmental Management

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Tara joined C4 in 2022 as an administrator for the AfriCarbon project. After obtaining her qualifications she spent four years working as an environmental sustainability professional. During this time she was involved in a diverse range of projects for local governments, academic institutions, and corporate establishments.

Shawn Els

Financial Controller

National Diploma Financial Management

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Shawn joined C4 In 2024 as the financial controller. He has over 20 years’ experience in finance systems and operations, in variance settings, including hospitality, retail, advertising and export. His role is to merge the project and finance teams and streamline process to ensure efficient collaboration and cost-effective project execution.

Mikhial Metune

IT Manager

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Mikhial specializes in hardware, networking, and SQL-based database installation and management. With a strong technical background and interpersonal skills, he enjoys the interface between technology and collaboration with clients and team members. Mikhial has served as a Senior QSR Helpdesk Team Leader at GAAP Point Of Sale and currently manages the IT coordination of C4EcoSolutions. He provides in-house technical support across a complex network of environmental projects.


Nicholas Tye

Senior Associate

MSc Ecology, Environment and Conservation
BSc (Honours) Ecology, Environment and Conservation
BSc Zoology and Ecology, Environment and Conservation

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Nick joined the C4 EcoSolutions team in 2012 as a Climate Change and Environmental Consultant. Through his work with C4, Nick has developed wide-ranging experience in designing, monitoring and implementing climate change adaptation projects, with a focus on ecosystem-based adaptation, in developing countries. His work at C4 EcoSolutions has included: leading the development of more than 10 adaptation project concept notes (including GEF PIFs) for GEF, Adaptation Fund and GCF; leading and coordinating the development of more than 10 full adaptation project proposals for GEF, Adaptation Fund and GCF; undertaking baseline assessments and mid-term reviews of adaptation and environmental projects; and developing the National Adaptation Programme of Actions (NAPA) for South Sudan. Nick is the Chief Technical Advisor for an Adaptation Fund project in Cambodia, a GEF-SCCF project in Albania and a GEF-LDCF project in Angola. Before joining C4, Nick worked as a Biodiversity Specialist – focusing on birds – for the North West Provincial Government in South Africa. This work linked to his MSc research which focused on biodiversity in riverine ecosystems in the Kruger National Park.


Phinious Chirwa

Groundskeeper and Property Maintenance

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Phinious has been instrumental in property maintenance and groundskeeping, managing the external aesthetics of the C4EcoSolutions buildings and gardens for three years. He is from Malawi and has five years’ catering experience in the hotel industry.

Selina Bvekwa

Groundskeeper and Property Maintenance

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Selena has managed C4EcoSolutions’ internal property maintenance for 1 year. She has six years of experience in this field, supporting guest houses in her home country, Zimbabwe.

Iton Chilasa Banda

Groundskeeper and Property Maintenance

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Iton, originally from Malawi, has work for 11 years in property maintenance and groundskeeping. Prior to his current three-year tenure at C4EcoSolutions he worked in this sector in Muizenberg, Cape Town, for eight years.