Project description

C4ES undertook the Terminal Evaluation for a project funded by the Adaptation Fund (AF). The project objectives were to address the priority needs for adaptation to climate change as identified in the NAPA including the effects of sea level rise. The implementation sites of the project are Saly, Rufisque and Joal. The interventions of the project included the construction/rehabilitation of seawalls, anti-salt dikes and fish docks. Additionally, the project implemented interventions to improve communities’ livelihoods by: i) training; ii) providing equipment for fish processing; and iii) increasing the productivity of agricultural land. The development of appropriate regulations to support adaptation to climate change in coastal areas was undertaken. The terminal evaluation included field-based assessments of the efficiency and sustainability of hard infrastructure and other activities implemented by the project. The results of the projects were compared with the initial objectives and targets defined at inception and mid-term. The study also included designing surveys which were undertaken to measure the projected benefits and those realised. The results of the assessments and surveys were used to produce lessons learned and improve the implementation of future projects by the government of Senegal and the AF.

Centre for Ecological Monitoring