Operating at the forefront of
the world’s climate change
& biodiversity challenges

Our 4 C’s

C4EcoSolutions provides services in:

Climate change adaptation

Conservation of biodiversity and restoration of degraded ecosystems

Community resilience & integration into climate solutions

Carbon capture through restoration and conservation of ecosystems


“Ecosystems across the world need urgent protection and restoration. Local communities across the world need to urgently adapt to adverse impacts of climate change. Carbon dioxide needs to be rapidly removed from the atmosphere. C4 is catalysing land-use change and societal change at an unprecedented scale to manage all three of these planetary needs.”  ~ Anthony Mills

Climate change is impacting people and ecosystems around the world

C4 EcoSolutions is an environmental consultancy that works with communities and governments globally, helping them adapt to these challenges. Coastal surges, floods, increasing droughts, and diminishing agricultural production are just some of the impacts of climate change.

Our work addresses these by focusing on two primary strategies: adaptation and mitigation. Rigorous scientific research underpins all our projects and operations.

C4 Impact

Years’ experience

Countries worked in

Across Africa, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.  See where >

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C4’s mission

To enhance the resilience of vulnerable communities and regions worldwide through the development and implementation of innovative, high-quality climate adaption and mitigation initiatives.

The BBC is featuring our SpekbooM Project

Our team is multi-diciplinary

How we approach climate change challenges

The world needs innovative solutions to combat climate change

Innovation is at the heart of C4 EcoSolutions’ work. Our expertise centres around climate change, global biodiversity, ecosystem restoration and scientific research.

In practical terms, our teams help communities and systems adapt to climate change impacts. We advise clients on how to moderate or cope with potential climate effects by taking advantage of development opportunities and private sector funding.

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